Owning and operating a business has myriads of challenges. Brook Capital helps business owners with the various investment-related issues they face, so they can focus on running their business.

You've poured your life and soul into your business. You are constantly tugged in many different directions serving the needs of your customers, employees, and family. It's easy to put off planning for your own retirement needs. However, delaying putting a plan in place now could lead to reduced opportunities or painful choices in the future. Brook Capital can help you determine and act on the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Read on for additional information about these areas and how Brook Capital can help you.

RETIREMENT Plan selection & design

Business owners understand the need to both protect retirement savings from taxes and creditors as well as provide a retirement savings framework for their employees. The various investment plans available, including 401k, Defined Benefit, SEP, and SIMPLE each have their unique pros and cons. Brook Capital can help you discover and implement the appropriate plan for you and your business.


For most business owners, their business represents the most significant asset they own. While most business owners love what they do, there inevitably will come a time to sell the business or pass it on to the next generation. Proper planning for this succession needs to be started years in advance to avoid many various pitfalls.

We can assist you in developing a succession plan that may provide you a financially sound exit strategy. We'd like to help you make the most of the opportunities available to you and your business.