The process: we'll set you up with an in-person or over-the-phone consultation with one of our advisors, get a sense of your needs and goals, and provide you with some initial advice and suggestions. 

We'll start with this initial meeting for us to get to know you, and you us. This will include fact-finding and diving into the holistic aspects of your life, including your financial and personal goals along with your time horizon for major life changes. We'll follow up with a risk analysis to help determine your unique tolerance for risk. Based on these factors, we’ll then prepare a life-cycle earnings and investments projection to give us a sense of your long-term financial trajectory, subject to various sensitivities. All of these things together inform the personalized investment portfolio and plan that we recommend for you.

Each step in preparing your plan is done in partnership. We never dictate investments or pressure clients to choose one plan over another. We expect your continued feedback and dialogue as we prepare a financial plan that will grow, change and adapt with you. 

If Brook Capital seems like the right fit for you, call us at +1 262 784 7205 to get started.